I truly believe that old photos hide magic and spirits in them. Because of them you can see how people used to live their lives, see their fashion and imagine what kind of technology was back then. Even the people on the photos are probably dead by now you still have a power to give them ability to live. Just use your imagination and think how they seem to be like from the photo, what kind of plans could they have and what was the purpose of live did they have. 馃彌: 饾暦饾枂饾枙饾枎饾枆饾枂饾枟饾枎饾枤饾枓 饾枤饾枠饾枈饾枆 饾枃饾枖饾枖饾枑'饾枠 饾枠饾枈饾枒饾枒饾枈饾枟 饾枎饾枔 饾杺饾枂饾枟饾枠饾枂饾枩 | July 2019 | . . .

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Wed, 9 Oct 2019, 20:26


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